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Ronan's report

April Fool's Day, 2009

Seattle. When I stepped outside this morning I was treated to a fine sight. The Puget Sound laid out before me, the last bits of a spring storm finally blowing itself out after a long, windy night. I muttered under my breath the first thing that popped into my mind.

"Big water."

I've been drawn to it for many years. Most of us started out flyfishing smaller, more manageable and intimate streams. I did too, but in time I found the bigger rivers and lakes of Montana and Yellowstone more interesting. Now when I travel to fish, I usually seek out big water and big landscapes. The Argentine Patagonia is a wonderland. Or a massive, ocean-side flat somewhere off the beaten path in the Bahamas. There is just something about big water that makes me feel alive - significant, and insignificant all at the same time.

As an angler, big water is exciting, but also intimidating and mysterious. It can be harder to read, harder to access, and just harder to fish. But that's the challenge and the draw. Big water also fuels thoughts of really big fish, even if they don't exist. In a pursuit like flyfishing, where the anticipation is often as exciting as the actual catching, that big fish feeling is hard to ignore.

Until next time...

Fish On,

PS – Get going and sign Ronan’s Petition in opposition of salmon farming Ballynahinch River Estuary. Demand science based management. The science all shows that salmon farms within estuaries and near river mouths have significant adverse effects on wild, native salmon and sea trout populations. I’m a bit embarrassed that it took me so long to sign. #717 and counting…

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