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Ronan's report

Wednesday 11th March, 2009

With the steelhead fishing in the can for most of the winter on my local rivers, and a couple of upcoming saltwater trips for bonefish (Bahamas) and redfish (Louisiana), I've been spending a lot of time at the tying bench. Now I've promised Jason Borger a half dozen of my favorite bunny leeches to add to his mystery grab bag to benefit those affected by the recent Australian wildfires.

No sweat. I love tying, even when I can tie more flies than I can ever use.

There's not many better ways to relax after another 8 or 9 hours at the work computer. Grab a beer, or maybe a coffee or a mate' if you're feeling sluggish, pop in some tunes, and just get to work. Leeches, crabs, Clousers, chironomids, Catskill dries, you name it. Even when you aren't cranking flies out by the dozen, it can be relaxing to just putter around at the bench. Arrange your materials, scheme up a new pattern, or give your rabbit strips the salon treatment. Man, Vikings are weird.

The key is good tying materials, for sure, wether you buy, scavenge, or hunt your own. And good hooks. But you also need some good tunes.

In case you were wondering, or if you needed some new tying tunes for yourself, here's a selection of what's been in my CD changer lately...

Garcia, Grisman, and Rice - The Pizza Tapes

Todd Snider - a whole mess of stuff from 1997 to 2009

My Morning Jacket - custom mix CD

GOTAN Project - Lunatico

Just an update before I sign off. There is still time to book a plane ticket and join us in Portland for the first Sexyloops PNW Winter Steelhead Gathering. It's almost certain we won't catch any fish, but we've got big plans. Actually, things are looking up and some fish have been getting themselves caught around here lately, just not by me. We'll have some DH rod kits from Echo to try out, and one or more of the 300+ beers brewed here in Oregon. The dates are March 21 and 22. Come early and stay late if you like.

Fish On,

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