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Ronan's report

Wednesday 25th February, 2009

According to my horoscope this week on,

"When Ireland's top bookmaker first opened the betting on the existence of God last September, the odds were 20-1 against, and quickly rose to 33-1. But more recently they've been down to 4-1. Is this evidence that the Supreme Being is close to a big disclosure? Is some concrete proof about to appear? If I were evaluating the state of your imminent destiny, I'd say yes -- maybe not in a way that would satisfy a raging atheist, and maybe not with the blatant splash of an obvious divine intervention. But don't even dismiss those possibilities, Taurus. It is the season of miracles and epiphanies for you. You should expect sublime help and inspiration."

Now, I'm not really a betting man, and I'm not terribly superstitious. I don't know if there is a God, even though I might believe in one, because believing and knowing are different things. I do believe in Bigfoot and other supposedly imaginary creatures that live in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest - like steelhead - but there are alot of people out here crazier than me. I'm not really into horoscopes, either, but this little fortune is potentially just too important to dismiss.

There are already signs that big things are in the works. The rains have finally returned after two months. The rivers are on the rise today and predicted to drop into fishing shape by the weekend. There are 20 inches of fresh powder in the mountains and I might be able to sneak in a weekday trip. Now, I don't know if it's a miracle, but right now it's good enough for me.

If they're giving us only 4-1 odds against the existence of God, and an astrological prediction that a great revelation might happen this week, then you can bet your ass that I'll be out there on Saturday casting a fly for the brightest of all Supreme Beings, the winter steelhead.

Fish On,

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