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Ronan's report

Wednesday 18th February, 2009

Building an army takes time and effort.

It all starts with an idea. A mission. A destination.

Then, you must do your research.

Determine the characteristics of the ideal soldier based on what you know of the target, their surroundings, habits, preferences, and known weaknesses.

Decide on the size of the army you need for the mission. Is this expected to be a long campaign or a quick strike? Maybe you can recruit soldiers from other divisions, or other armies built by your allies?

Maybe you need to create an entirely new breed of soldier for this mission? Maybe you just need more of the same old recruits?

You start with the basics, the weapon that all your soldiers need.

Then give them the ability to see the target, danger, and opportunity.

You may remain strict and disciplined throughout, or allow some soldiers to differ a bit from the norm. Experimental forces sometimes prove most effective.

Last comes the uniforms. Colors to match the surroundings, or the opposite, to draw the target from a distance.

Finally the army is ready.

Now it's all up to the commander to guide the soldiers well and complete the mission.

Are you ready?

Fish On,

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