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Ronan's report

Wednesday 21st January, 2009

If winter steelheading can be considered an addiction, then it's most like gambling.

No, wait, that was last week.

Dang. It's only January, and FP writer's block has already struck. Between the recently lousy steelhead fishing and a hectic work and life schedule I guess I'm just unmotivated. Kind of hard to believe, because I basically think about fishing all the time. For some reason, lately, the thoughts just lack focus and direction. No uniform theme. And my FPs usually come from what I've been thinking about lately.

So the result is a random thought front page with an annoyingly long headline, no theme, an occasionally frustrated tone, and that's about it. I've been coming up with more questions than answers lately, so that is in here too. Hopefully the rest of 2009 will sort out some of the confusion in all of our lives. Maybe someone can make something of this. If so, take it to The Board!

Do the pros of "tinned" carbon steel hooks (rather than stainless steel) outweigh the cons for saltwater fishing?

How will this recent economic downturn/crisis end up affecting the flyfishing industry and the sport in general? How will it affect my friends who own flyshops? Will we see fewer anglers on the water? Will we see less money and effort being put towards native fish conservation?

I'd like to do several more trips this year than I have vacation time for. How can I pull this off? Montana, Canada, Bahamas, Gulf Coast, Fall Steelhead Road Trip.

It hasn't snowed up on the mountain since I bought new skis three weeks ago. Am I cursed?

Tonio, you didn't have to take a bus to Rio Gallegos to be in the WRONG PLACE. A number of the rivers here in Oregon would fit that description and save on gas if you are already here in Portland.

Everyone says you need multiple weights of bonefish flies to properly cover all depths and water conditions. Assuming you can get away with 3 weights - "blind", bead chain eyes, and lead eyes, what is the best size/weight bead chain and lead eyes to use for #4 and #6 hooks?

Can the optician's lab make prescription sunglasses with polarized yellow lenses?

Two weeks ago the weather was so unstable that all the rivers were blown out, it was raining at 12000 feet up on the mountain, and we were all hoping that things would change. Now we've had high pressure for over a week, all the rivers are in shape, but there aren't any fish in my home rivers. Why can't we just get back tot he usual drizzly winter weather at low elevations and snow up in the mountains? If we get back to that, will the fishing and skiig get better?

Where is Mystery River X?

Why is there no #4?

And what on Earth happened to my right handed double Spey? It seemed healthy this summer but it was in bad shape last weekend.

Good luck President Obama. We've left you with a big mess and I hope you can bring us all back together to do what's right for ourselves, others, and the fish.

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