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Ronan's report

Wednesday 10th December, 2008

Right. Xmas is coming here in the capitalist world, and economic meltdown or not, that means it's time for presents.

By now, all of you should have taken some advice from Lars and convinced all your spouses, friends, relatives, and Santa to give you tackle for Xmas instead of sweaters and socks and crap like that (unless of course they are special sweaters and socks which can be worn for fishing).

Now that you have them convinced, you had best get down to business producing a list of proper tackle that the general non-angling gift giver can take to the local flyshop or to the elves workshop. OK, OK, I know, Santa fishes and he'll know what a ZA this and large arbor that is, but he's in upper management, and we can't risk a tackle mistake with opening day of trout season fast approaching.

I'm sure that many of you are very busy and might not have time to develop a proper list, so, I've taken the liberty to make one for you. This is stuff that I either have myself, have used, or is on my personal list. Lots of stuff here from all kinds of sources. This isn't a marketing ploy. This is Xmas, and I want everyone to get the best tackle ever.

1. Single Hand Kit

  • Scott X2S 906/4 (9' 6wt, saltwater ready)
  • Galvan Spoke 6 in blue/black (the new one, ready in January)
  • Sci Anglers Mastery Steelhead Taper WF-6-F

2. DH Kit

  • T&T 1307-3 (13' 7wt)
  • Galvan Torque 12 in bronze
  • Rio Powerspey WF-6/7-Tips

3. Switch Kit

  • Sage Z Axis 7110-4 (11' 7wt)
  • Galvan Torque 8 in black
  • 420 grain (23') Skagit shooting head from that other line company

4. There is no 4. This is Sexyloops.

5. Camera/Photo

  • Pentax Optio W60 - waterproof point and shoot
  • Vanguard VS-41 Flexible Mini Tripod

6. Bags

  • Bucks Bags - Deluxe Split Front Chest Pack
  • Or check with Lars.

7. Boats

  • Ro Drift Boats, Deville

8. Travel

  • Jardines de la Reina, Cuba - Saltwater Flats
  • Cape York Peninsula, Australia - Saltwater Everything
  • SW Montana & Yellowstone National Park - Trout
  • Northern Patagonia Lakes District, Argentina - Bigger Trout
  • Dean River, BC - Steelhead

9. Fly Tying

  • Hareline Dubbin barred rabbit strips
  • Marco Rite Bobbin

10. Socks

  • Patagonia Ultra Heavyweight Mountaineering Socks or Midweight Hiking Crew Socks
  • Simms Guard Socks

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