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Ronan's report

Wednesday 15th October, 2008

I just got back from the annual week-long steelhead road trip. An awesome trip as usual. If you haven't fished for 8 days straight you should definitely try it. You get in tune with the river, weather, and fish in a way that's just impossible to do on a long weekend.

There were many highlights of the trip, including a couple of monster fish. But the standout moment for me was fishing with and helping my new Scottish friend Rob land his first steelhead (on a proper Spey fly of course) after many days of trying. A perfect 6 pound native hen. Absolutely an amazing fish. She was in the air about seven times before coming to hand briefly for a photo. Andy and I were hooting with delight at each leap and reel screaming run. Shortly after we sent her on her way, someone produced a flask of mighty fine whiskey to celebrate right there on the bank of that little piece of water. What a great memory! It's not every day you can witness someone's first steelhead. If you are reading this, congrats again, Rob.

I still haven't unpacked my truck yet. I barely managed to write this FP!

Tonight we celebrated with friends. Anglers and normal humans together here in the city. The end of another great trip punctuated with a feast of freshly caught hatchery steelhead, beer, wine, and a session in the front yard with the Micro Practice Rod.

Maybe something a bit more profound next week. For now, I'm just enjoying the fishing life.


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