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Ronan's report

Wednesday 20th August, 2008

From Ray Bradbury’s short story “The F. Scott/Tolstoy/Ahab Accumulator”…

“All writers are lost, “ said Billy. “And miserable.”
“I’ll change that,” I said.
“Bull,” Billy said. “How, oh Lord God of miracles? With three wishes on a genie lamp? With-“
“Shut up. See that huge device stranded in the library?”
“That giant moth? Does it flap its wings?”
“It hums under its breath and vanishes.”
“The louder it hums the farther back in Time you go?”
“Right. Here’s my list of lost souls.”
Billy scowled at the list. “Hemingway? Melvile? No way. Tolstoy? Why? F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda? Drunks!”
“Gimme that!” I grabbed the list, sat in the machine, cursed, pulled a lever, and said: “I’m not here.”
The machine Hummed.
And I wasn’t.

I was reading this on the bus today, and got to thinking about what I’d do with a time machine. What authors I might go visit and when/where I might fish. Then I got the idea of combining this author visiting with the fishing and it all opened up.

One might combine a trip to see Hemingway with a few days on Silver Creek, ID or on the flats or bluewater off of Key West. One could drown a worm or dap a fly while visiting with Walton and Cotton. How about a few days on the Blackfoot with Norman Maclean?

I think I might visit the great Roderick Haig-Brown and fish for steelhead with a dry fly on Vancouver Island back a few decades ago. Or maybe take a float plane ride with Lee Wulff, a fine author in his own right, out into the wilds of Labrador in search of untouched salmon rivers and giant brook trout. Pristine rivers, anadromous fish, and brilliant characters.

Where/when/who would you visit if you had a time machine?

Link to board here. Someone start a time machine thread please.


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