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Ronan's report

Wednesday 23rd July, 2008

How far would you go?

If you lived less than 20 miles from a steelhead river, why would you plan a trip that required all of the following components, just to chase the same species of fish?

  • 18 hours driving.
  • A private airplane ride into a tiny, dirt airstrip.
  • Dozens of miles hiking.
  • Packing enough food and gear for 8 days fishing in conditions that could range from 90 degrees and sunny to 40 degrees and pouring rain (this is about 80 pounds each, if you were wondering).
  • Purchasing and packing an inflatable canoe as a ferry.
  • Dodging grizzly bears.
  • etc.

I guess my answer is to give myself a chance at the fish of a lifetime and experience a wilderness river and maybe, just maybe, a steelhead of incomparable beauty and power.

To paraphrase Paul - Life is an exploration and an adventure. Bring DH Rods!!

To quote mt fishing partner Niall, "Man I hope we both get to have some holy-shit-I-have-to-sit-down-and-think-about-what-just-happened moments on this trip."

Me too, man. Me too.

Will it be worth it? I hope so. I think so. I'll let you know how it turns out in two weeks.


PS - We are submitting the current signatures to the ODFW Commission on August 8th, so act NOW. If you believe that wild & native steelhead are worth protecting, and that without solid science conservative fisheries management is the only answer, please, take a moment to sign the petition in support of the existing regulations that prohibit killing wild steelhead on Oregon's Umpqua River. Over 950 have already signed online and who knows how many more have signed the paper copies.

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