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Ronan's report

Saturday 5th July, 2008

Lars is on holiday today, pillaging some unsuspecting Viking village. Which leaves me in charge. Lots of randomness in the FP (Front Page) line-up at the moment. This week alone I managed to miss Magnus' page because Magnus is a night owl, Matt missed his own page because he left his laptop in Mimi's car and Friday is clean open because Zoran is in Serbia and not South Africa. Which is good in some ways because it adds variety and spice to the FPs - you never know what's coming next - but on the other side we end up with more off-the-wall pages than actual established fishing ones. That can be good too of course.

Very shortly I have a trip almost planned to Bosnia, Croatia, France and Spain. How all this comes together is anyone's guess, but it's going to be great.

One of the Sexyloops' plans is to create "Planet Sexyloops" which is in effect a Loopers' guide to the world with all its 192 countries. So this is an FP request. Without giving away specific locations I'd love to run FPs on around-the-world fishing: where you fish, what you catch, how you fish, costs, are there ladies, sheep, elephants, sunsets, what sort of flies work, does Bob's DHE work for example, can a 'Looper get around without getting himself killed - you know, all the stuff you need to know when travelling, fishing and generally getting into and out of trouble.

Please send as an email or word document with suitable POD or pics to me, at - you'll need to go through my spam filter, which is always exciting. Very many thanks, I think this could be a really interesting series. And if it's not we'll blame Lars. So it's all good.

So.. it's been a bit quiet for me on the serious fishing front, I've had this forthcoming trip planned for a while and come Sept 1 I'll be in Canada, which will be great and then there's the future of course, which is completely unknown. I've been working on a few things that really needed doing. One of them, completely un-Sexyloops related, is getting fit. It's been a while since I've been fit - you know like really fit. There's an Ironman in Hungary next month and I'm in it - as part of the process.

Why? I have absolutely no idea but it sure beats sitting around when the fish aren't biting. Hopefully I won't look too stupid.

Tomorrow: Bob on Sunday and on Monday: How to avoid dying in NZ - and we're not talking sandflies.


PS big day for Miss SL today, she officially becomes Dr Denes Annamaria (and I wear a shirt for the second time since leaving school, FFS).

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