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Ronan's report

Monday 30th June, 2008

Back from Croatia, "back" in Hungary - thanks Lars for keeping on top of SL! The Board went down at one point and then recovered mysteriously on its own, possibly with help from Eric. That's the Sexyloops Dragon for you.

Miss SL and I had a great time on Rab Island. It was much more of a running, swimming, hanging out, beaching, climbing over rocks, celebrating sort of holiday than a fishing one. Which was cool, every day around here is about fishing in one way or another and it's nice to chill sometimes, get some rays, work on my fitness and swimming, as well as spend time with Babus that wasn't just studying or fish. Of course now that's over we'll be heading back to Croatia very shortly to fish it thoroughly, as well as Bosnia and Spain. One week in the sun, meditating, four weeks on location. Perfect.

Anyway just before the end of the trip we ran out of money, of course, and so I suggested that it would be much more romantic to sleep out under the stars, having feasted on olives, cheese and red wine, possibly with an evening swim and a bit of who-knows-what, instead of sleeping in the stuffy caravan that we'd done up to then. Babus agreed and thought it was an excellent idea of mine.

Which really was an excellent idea, all the way up to nightfall. For then, shortly after, we were attacked by hordes of crawling armoured woodlice, as well as by a hideous foot long centipide with enormous pincers that had decided it would like to sleep under my pillow, all of which had emerged from the cracks in the rocks, from some up-until-now unknown hellish underworld.

I fought them off - with my flyrod - while explaining to Babus that, although this was quite normal, we should go before all the other insects arrived. And so go we did. Our next "romantic location" didn't have any crawling insects, but instead, a particularly small and vicious form of mosquito that required that we mummified ourselves from head to toe in sheets. It will be a shame when I build that bed into the back of the truck that I planned weeks ago; Nature is such an exciting place.

Anyway this week's Vortex is not about Nature exactly, it's about the call of nature and in particular: Toilets. Lots happening; I'm around all week. Plenty of catching up to do including answering the 70-odd emails from Lars all saying exactly the same thing. So that's exciting. See you on the Board.

Cheers for now,

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