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Ronan's report

Monday May 19th, 2008

It's amazing how fast you can learn things when you can see the fish you're trying for. Found an amazing spot over the weekend, and it's been hard to get it out of my head. A rocky point, shallow bay on the left, smooth drop deep on the right. The sun was high and bright with almost no wind allowing for great spotting. I tried not to think of the chapter in Bob's book about this type of weather, about some who don't mix sun and stillwater fishing. It's bright sun 300 days a year here, so I can't imagine how the bite would be off for 5/6ths of the year.

I'd been fishing deep with a sink tip around on the right without picking up much more than the algea that's starting to grow as the water warms up. I could see quite a ways out, but there's always that hope that just beyond the edge of clarity there's fish. I smashed all hope and worked my way to the point without a take.

A light breeze lifted as I clambered up the outcrop point for a little vantage. As I changed to a floater, I noticed just past the exposed and battered rocks a slender dark shape moving causually up from the left, to the tip, then out to open water. A little bent about not being rigged up, I strung the line and tied on a pair of Paul's marabou damsels (simple, quick to tie, great movement, and deadly). Stepped down into the water a couple feet to keep my line off the sharp rocks, then right on cue another fish was moving up. The cast laid out perfect 10' ahead between two boulders, tip low straight to the flies, I added a series so short 1" strips that make the damsels move so nicely. The fish coiled, struck then was on. Perfect! Then it immediately darted around one of the boulders and snipped the tippet. OK... so that was a fuckup. My box held another damsel in brown, one much smaller in olive, or a purchased fancy looking chenille tail damsel complete with eyes and a tuft of feathers on the tip of the chenille.

Over the next hour, the brown damsel got harshly rejected twice after good inspection. Then the fancy damsel which has really crappy movement, didn't even drawn interest. Then finally the tiny green damsel went on. It immediately drew a dink up from between shadows and another 3 fish over the next hour. I think I learned more in that brief spell than any day this year by seeing fish spook by me, the line, or the fly. Watching them inspect and respond to different retrieves.


p.s. Bob doesn't say that the bite is off during the sun, but instead prior to his trip described in the chapter he wasn't hopeful during such conditions.

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