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Ronan's report

Tuesday April 29th, 2008

No prizes but lets see if you can guess what this is? (Lars is banned from this quiz!) Anyone who answers "A feather." is of course correct and deserves to vote for Boris in London's upcoming elections.

What species of bird? Common name, no Latin please.

This as a game hackle, look at the shape, the feather structure and the steeply tapered stem. For those who want a real challenge try guessing what the brown feather is lying on.

Game birds offer some great tying materials: subtle natural flecks and speckled colours; robust feather and fibres; wide range of sizes and just about every texture imaginable.

Back in the day game feathers were mostly used for wet and subsurface flies, they tend to be absorbent so I guess that's their natural environment, plus the colours and texture seem to me to suit suggestions of nymphs and pupa. If you tie flies, that a fibre absorbs water should make you think, is can just as easily absorb one of the multitude of potions we use to make a fly float.


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