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Ronan's report

Wednesday 2nd April, 2008

Spring is here and it seems like fishing related action is really heating up. Aside from my real job, I feel like I'm heading in 10 directions at once.

Over on the board I'm chatting with Magnus and the guys about the differences in flies for Atlantic and Pacific Salmon. Somehow, that thread got hijacked and second and very interesting parallel discussion is going on about false perceptions about anglers on the other side of the pond. US vs. UK. You know, the anglers that only fish 8ft rods, wear red shirts and braces and have a deep affection for cane against tweed-clad anglers fishing only Upstream dries, or greased line salmon, on rivers with properly manicured vegetation.

I've been fishing steelhead on the weekends. We saw two FLAWLESS, chrome, late-run, winter hens this past Saturday and I haven't been able to get their brilliance out of my head for 3 days. I'm hoping for a couple more like that before the runs peter out for the year.

At the tying bench this week it's a mix of steelhead flies, lake patterns for trout, some carp bugs, and a few tarpon flies for my buddy who's headed to Mexico in a month.

Last week I looked over all my regular gear and discovered that most of it was either used up, dirty, breaking, broken, or just plain wearing out. That includes flies, rods, lines, tippets, leaders, splitshot, rain gear, hiking boots, wading boots, and even my truck. Now I'm feverishly cleaning, sorting, tying, buying, returning, or repairing all that stuff so I don't have to worry about it once summer hits.

At lunch today I took a quick look at the new Snapcast. Great stuff spanning topics from photography to statistics. This isn't your usual flyfishing site! If you aren't getting Snapcast, be sure to sign up over on the right side of this page.

I just got some gear back from my friend Brian who used it to land his first bonefish. That's sorted back out and now I'm arranging to send off some of the same gear again to another friend, for another trip. Sometimes I wish I went on as many saltfly trips as my rods and reels do!!!

And, right now, I'm writing tomorrows FP. Which, as of now, is officially done. I'm on strike. I hope there's a beer in the refrigerator.


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