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Ronan's report

Wednesday 20th February, 2008

Sorry for the late FP delivery. Trapped at work!

Just back from a long holiday weekend fishing the North Umpqua. Some of us were fortunate to have an extra day off for President's Day. Don't worry, were not celebrating because George W. Bush is the President. Many of you will recognize the Umpqua because last year the Sexyloops community helped local anglers and guides convince ODFW that the river's wild winter run steelhead should be protected with C&R regulations. We were hoping to release a few ourselves, but a cold and rising river filled with pure snowmelt had the fish in a bad mood. In the end, our gang of 5 anglers managed to land one fish in 3 days. Who cares? It was great to be out there on the river, under the big trees, with a rare break in the rain.

When I got home, there was a package for me. I knew the contents, and I couldn't wait to see them in person. My buddy Arrick over in West Yellowstone came through again with some incredible tying materials. This time, top notch dyed grizzly saddles. I love these big webby saddles for big trout streamers, buggers, and matukas, for collars on steelhead flies, legs on bass bugs and carp critters, tails on tarpon flies, you name it. What's amazing to me is that these saddles aren't expensive at all. In fact, they're cheap. I was out of yellow, so I got a replacement, and added a brown one for good measure. The longest feathers on that saddle are pushing 8 inches long. Awesome. For good measure, Arrick threw in the sexiest blue ostrich plume I've ever seen. My mind is filled with ideas for that stuff. If you don't tie, you wouldn't understand.


Over on the board check out an interesting discussion about wasteful uses of materials in the fly fishing industry.

Will it be Paul tomorrow? Welcome to Sexyloops. Anything can happen.


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