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Ronan's report

Wednesday 30th January, 2008

The other weekend, I managed to do something that was, to me, simultaneously surprising, amazing, frustrating, and a bit disgusting. I landed a dead, decaying Coho salmon while swinging flies for winter steelhead.

Now I'm sure you might think, "Matt, you just snagged a shitty carcass. That's nothing to brag about."

Maybe that is the case, but what made this catch so amazing was that it was hooked fairly, in the inside of the mouth, on the upper jaw. I've got the photos to prove it (check out the POD) and my buddy Eric to back me up on my story. Besides, we're not here on Sexyloops to prove ourselves or brag. We're here to share and learn and laugh.

While the take was a bit sluggish and the fight far from spirited, this was the only fish that I managed to hook all weekend. Normally, I'm into C&R, but I made an exception in this case, tossing the fish onto the gravel bar as a gift to the numerous bald eagles and gulls that make the river home in winter.

After I unhooked the Coho, a cynical thought came into my head. I said to Eric, "What does it take to hook a winter steelhead on a swung fly? I can catch a dead salmon, but not a live steelhead! How low and slow must I present the fly? How lucky do I have to be to connect with the dream?"

Eric chuckled as I waded purposefully back out into the 37 degree river. I laughed a laugh that was part fun and part frustration, and made another cast.


FYI, with the release of "The Revolution" imminent (what you've never heard of it?), and world domination nearly complete, we've shifted our focus to casting in outer space.


PS - This FP is dedicated to Way Yin (bubba), who though that catching a dead fish was worthy FP material. While I will never match his DH casting ability, as far as I know, I'm a far more accomplished dead salmon angler.

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