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Ronan's report

Wednesday 23rd January, 2008

Just back in town from a long weekend trip up to the Puget Sound region of northwestern Washington. I was hosted by my buddy Eric, and we unsuccessfully chased steelhead, but successfully enjoyed 2 good float trips, despite some ugly and highly variable weather. No fish, but we were treated to a number of wildlife sightings, including more than 25 bald eagles on our first day out.

I've been trying to catch up with the happenings here on Sexyloops this afternoon. And, as always there is a lot going on.

Quite a thread going on over on the Daily Planet about access in NZ. 726 post and over 13400 hits and still going strong. If you haven't been keeping track, pour yourself a drink made with gin and tonic and site down for a long, interesting, and informative read.

Remember how I don't really care for the Elk Hair Caddis? It turns out that Lars and I finally disagree on something, which is quite a relief actually. And, Magnus had a nice photo of a whole swarm of the buggers on yesterdays POD. It's the palmered hackle that makes this fly an ineffective hatch matching tool - it just rides too high on the water. If you tie it without the hackle, and include something like a trailing shuck or maybe even something like a CDC underwing, it's much more effective.

After posting some frame by frame action of a casting video that we shot a few weekends ago, some of the regulars over on the DH Casting forum offered up some great advice. With that wisdom in mind last weekend I managed to sort out a glitch in my casting and crank out the longest, sweetest Spey casts that I've ever managed. Cheers guys.

And lastly, we're trying to put together a Pacific NW gathering sometime this summer. We'd love to see you there.


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