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Ronan's report

Wednesday 16th January, 2008

Mother Nature played a cruel joke this past weekend. Blown out rivers after a few days of heavy rain but a warm and sunny Sunday, a rare treat during a long PNW winter. We made the most of it by taking a few DH rods down to a local spot and giving them a throw. We took some interesting video using my Pentax point and shoot that revealed some intricacies of the cast that I tend not to think of. It was my first time seeing myself cast. Fascinating. Everyone should try it. I'm still processing the data, but you can take a look at some of the preliminary results over on the POD.

Last week I promised some words on my least favorite flies. An odd topic for sure. Paul said he's game for the same topic on Saturday, so guess I had better deliver. Maybe Lars will join us tomorrow as well.

I'm not even sure how a fly becomes someone's least favorite. I'm not even sure if the fly I'm about to mention is MY least favorite. So without the benefit of a smooth transition sentence...

I don't really care for the Elk Hair Caddis.

Why? Well, I think it's extremely overrated as a hatch matching tool. At best, the Elk Hair Caddis imitates a severely fluttering caddis, possibly laying eggs. The fact is that trout spend most of their caddis munching effort consuming all the other life stages of the caddis than the fluttering/egg laying phase. Larvae, pupae, emergent pupae, and spent adults are much easier targets for the trout, and therefore are targeted regularly. The bouncy, spastic egg layer that touches the surface for only a split second may draw the attention of a small fish, but those big browns prefer a slower target. The Elk Hair Caddis performs well as a searching fly in fast, broken water, especially in small streams filled with eager fish. But even in that situation, it's not my first choice. Under those conditions I'd tie on a Stimulator or Parachute Adams nearly every time.

The crazy thing is that I've caught loads of trout on the Elk Hair Caddis, and I have buddies who all have done the same. So why is it really my least favorite? I have no idea. Who came up with this stupid topic anyway?


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