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Mr. Sexyloops is 43! Day 3


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Ronan's report

Friday December 21st, 2007

Since December 19th, 1964 Paul's been doing it in style!
Congratulate him here!
Happy Birthday! Cheers! ~The Loops Crew
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The 43

He is not only the best caster on the World ,he is probably the best fitted guy in his generation ,and Today he turns 43 .

Did you ever see such a well fitted guy in his 43 ? Me not

When I met him couple of years ago at his home in Cogeshall near London, I was extremely surprised how he looks so young. I thought -THIS kid to give me a lesson? Is that kid famous Paul Arden ?

What happens in the last couple of years and why he turns 43 so fast ,I don't know, but must be something….Maybe time runs faster in his case…Anyway, I was little bit confused during a lesson, but he was very relaxed.

He gave me couple of essential advices regarding my crap casting ,show me that loop shape we can see on Sexyloops logo is for real, and I went home very happy. Just three months after ,I managed to throw my first 100' ,and I was happy like never before. And yes ,micro movements of his wrist is something that I will never forgot.

This Summer he visited me altogether with Babush, Peter Skeg and Peter's GF on my birthday party in Serbia, we have a good time ,lots of Rakija (palinka) ,good old Rock'n Roll in live, but some shortage of seals fur. Tomorrow after party we have casting session fallowing with terrible headache . This time I was amazed with his back cast, ie with shape, speed and form of back loop. It was better than forward loop shape from Cogeshall, couple of years before . And that loop was even better than Sexyloops logo (see above ) .

Yes, in the middle of the night we tried to play guitar, but I don't know did we or not, too much Rakija (Palinka ) ….

Anyway, without him this World might be much simplified and much more predictable . Do we need such a World?
I think -NO !

So, happy birthday Paul ,I wish you another 100 years to be spent with lovely Sheepgirls, big fat fish, nice Rivers and good friends. All the rest is stupid.

(sorry if I was too polite in this FP , I'm becoming older too )



First met Paul after I'd been writing FP's for a few months. He was in Montana. Where in Montana, I had no idea other than there was some fishing on a lake. Somehow that part of the trip planning hadn't come together, but it's not that big of a place and he'd certainly be easy to spot in the SW corner of it especially if it was near the lake. Of course, I rolled right past the obvious campground 15 miles down a dirt road (side note: it only takes Paul about 12 mins to get there from the pavement, 8 if you're trying to follow him).

I ended up wandering around the conclave grounds with some other disreputable loopers the next day when I noticed him. Chatting with Tom Jindra, he strolled down the pavement in swim trunks, a #2 t-shirt, flip flops, shaved head (Paul, we know you're bald but you keep up the ruse with the razor if you want), and a tangle of TCR and XXD in his hand. I walked right up!

Enthusiastically, "Paul! Man! Great to see you! I was hoping you'd be here." Maybe a little too enthusiastically.

He glanced sideways at Tom with this look of... "Oh shit! Another internet fanboi stalker." Which was true, but yeah... like there are really that many of us.

"Have we met?"

From there things went pretty well (after he'd had his coffee and a beer). I got to witness the shocked looks of people who'd booked a stillwater class with Charles Jardine, but were instead confronted with Paul's tying. As they passed around his Floating Fry, Paul said "You can keep that". They kept passing and I ended up with quite a few flies that day. I even got some traditional English style stillwater tuition; we rowed around and cast to rising fish as near as I could tell. Great stuff!

Cheers Paul! Happy Birthday!

Life of Paul

Paul was 18 when I was born, just beginning his long journey into manhood . Being about 5 minutes old I didn't know him back then, only my mum and the doctor who dropped me did, but I am told by a reliable source that he showed promise even then.

His skill as a dancer was unsurpassed and at the age of 19 he became the youngest Nureyev tribute act in the history of ballet. He performed for the Queen, the Pope and the President, never missing a step, never wavering under the pressure, until one fateful day. The day modern tribute dance was turned on it's head forever!!!

Paul, during a cold night during the winter of 1984, heard a knock at the door. On his way to answer that call his big toe became entangled in the shag pile carpet near the door, *he fell*, and with his head entering the cat flap he knew it was bad. Months of rehabilitation followed, but know one could remove the cat flap. Against everyone's wishes he forced himself to dance one more time, but it was a farce. He could no longer turn his head left and upon every pirouette the flap would rise, slapping his face, leaving his dignity, and nose, in tatters.

He finally hung up is ballet shoes and quit.

Looking for something to replace his first love wasn't easy. Cheese making didn't last, and the automatic ballet shoe failed to move him forward, literally. He discovered flyfishing through an old wise man who lived in the woods near his home in Essex. He was called Jon, Jon…..the fisherman. The wise fisherman of the woods. He schooled him in the arts of deception, watercraft and socks. Six long years passed and Jon could do no more. Paul was just crap at fly-fishing and there was nothing he could do. However, being schooled in the art of deception this did not stop Paul making a career out of it. For years he practiced and actually became pretty good. I finally met him during his peak at the Chatsworth angling fair in 1998. It was windy and lets face it the demo was crap. These were the days when Paul used to claim he averaged 125 ft, but later removed any evidence of this from Sexyloops when he bought a tape and realised he was only casting 87ft.

Bringing us up to date, this is Paul's 43rd year and he has still not passed that magical 90ft mark. Previously there was still a glimmer of hope, but he become fat and is bald, and today he becomes officially Old. It is over, but we are proud of him. There is no shame in casting 87ft, especially when you have a cat flap around your neck.

Happy Birthday Paul

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