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Ronan's report

Wednesday 24th October, 2007

Paul is right, when it comes to rods, I love classics. lists 20 definitions of the word classic . But what really makes a rod classic? Age? Looks? Action?

For me, it's none of those things, and all of those things. It's that way for everyone, I think. What one angler considers a classic rod is just and old fishin' pole to another. For example, I don't consider cane rods to be classics. I understand that they have historical significance, but I don't care for the way they feel (or, rather, the way they make me feel) when I cast and fish with them.

Classic rods are a matter of personal preference, just the same way that new rods are. And classics are rods that, for an individual, stand the test of time. They are the rods that you may not fish with every day, or even very often, but you know that when you pick that classic rod back up it will feel like home, your casts will be on target, and your loops will be oh-so-sexy.

They are usually rods with sentimental value. Maybe a first "real" fly rod, or the one that your dad loaned you and taught you how to cast with.

In reality, classic rods don't even have to be that old. The rod that I consider my all time classic is the G Loomis, IMX 9 foot for 6 weight in 2 piece. My runner up is the T&T Horizon 905-4. Both barely a decade old. Made of Graphite. But when you aren't yet 30 years old, like me, 11 years seems like a long time.

My last standard for a classic rod is that the rod is no longer made. A bit arbitrary and contrived, I know, but this is my FP, so what the hell, right? The moment a rod is discontinued it is left behind by the flyfishing mainstream. No longer is it heralded in catalogs as the best thing since sliced bread. Once the production stops, the hype disappears. The rod is left to stand on its own or fall into oblivion. The only ones who speak the praises of a classic rod are those devoted individuals that cast and fish with them.

When the hype disappears, and all that is left is the rod, and the angler, and the river, and the fish. What's more classic than that?

Until next time,


PS - Dear Tom Dorsey. Please don't ever make my DH1307-3 a classic.

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