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Ronan's report

Wednesday 10th October, 2007

This FP is brought to you from a cramped hotel room in Seattle. It's Saturday morning. I'm here for a wedding. Right now the women are going bonkers with hair and makeup and trying to tie up all the loose ends at the last second while the men desperately try to stay out of the way. It’s both wonderful and unbelievable that such a poignant, beautiful, and meaningful event is born of this mayhem. It's like herding cats. As far as I can tell, it's the polar opposite of Manshit.

In the middle of it all, I'm here trying to be invisible and write a decent FP before I hit the rails, and then the road, for a week long steelhead road trip across OR, WA and ID. It will be a different kind of chaos. The kind that I understand!

Between all these distractions and complications, and several others that I haven’t mentioned, the show must go on. We take our “jobs” seriously here at Sexyloops. Without a new FP every single day, we move dangerously closer to becoming just another fishing website.

Writers block is the enemy. When it rears it’s ugly, uncreative head bad things happen. You get a FP like this one.

Until next week, when I hopefully have many tales of adventure and giant native steelhead, enjoy a few links.

UK Salmon Fishing Discussion. Dead drifting trout flies.

The Snake Roll – a cast you need to know. Single hand or Double Hand

The Scandi Tube - a great Fly for NW Steelhead too.

Until next time,


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