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Ronan's report

Sunday September 23rd, 2007

Spring has sprung down here where the wallabies roam. You don't see much change in the weather where I am, in Western Australia, you just notice that there are more birds singing and it's gradually getting warmer. Well, the birds don't actually sing here, they just yell and laugh hysterically and make ring-tone noises. But I had to stop the truck the other day to let a blue tongued lizard get off the road, a sure sign of spring if you ask me.

Another sure sign of spring is that Paul says he's tying flies for New Zealand. He's in The Balkans at the moment, I think, but clearly beginning to feel the urge to head south again. Me too. I'm going over in November, so will just have to work on my casting in the meantime. This is a good thing, actually. I'm getting some bugs worked out of my technique that have been there since I first picked up a fly rod - like creep

I'm also working on my tracking and butt rotation. This is really quite difficult to do, because there's so much muscle memory involved after so long. But it really makes a difference. I added at least ten feet to my overhead cast just by concentrating on the pause and drift on the back cast. Right now I'm sitting on about 100 feet, and have made a couple of 105+ shots, but I think that will improve quickly as I get this late rotation thing organised. And tracking. And haul timing. And I'm also practicing aerial mends, and so forth. So, you know, I'll keep busy.

Anyway, New Zealand is definitely on my mind. And some of the other 'loopers' minds too. We've been talking cicada patterns and upstream nymphing tactics on the board. My brother John is coming down to NZ for the first time this February, hopefully make it for the South Island Clave. It's all happening! Chris is getting a jump on the trout season already. Carl is having an existential panic in Wanaka (Jeanie's having a baby in about a month). I'm thinking of getting a pontoon boat for some of those bigger rivers. And I want to rig up a solar driven water pump for the scout hall. And use it to aerate a trout pond, which I also want to build . And plant some trees. Hey, I'm the green machine.


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