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Ronan's report

Wednesday 1st August, 2007

A short FP this time since I'm very busy wrapping up the Steelhead Petition. We collected our last signature and I closed the petition on Monday evening. Now I'm compiling all the names in a rush to send them off to Scott Howell. They will be presented to the Oregon Department of Fish & Game on Friday. Supposedly the Commission will make a ruling on the proposed regulations change a that time. Thanks so much to everyone who signed in support and took time to spread the word via email and on their local boards. Having the support of the worldwide angling community should prove to ODFW that the steelhead in the Umpqua system are too valuable to the community to kill for food or trophy.

We ended up with well over 500 signatures on the online petition. Not sure now many we ended up with on paper. Hopefully it will be enough. Hopefully my FP next week will bring some good news.

Until then, some summer run steelheadporn. Hopefully the first of many this season.



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