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Ronan's report

Saturday May 26th, 2007

Everything is happening here at Sexyloops, and right now, to me. Everything means Supporting Catch and Release of Wild Steelhead.

Tuesday I launched some terrific grassroots Steelhead C&R Activism on the newest Sexyloops forum - The Daily Planet. We're on a mission to protect one of the finest steelhead fisheries in the world. We've got the support of guides, flyshops, and anglers all over the Pacific NW. Even some of the gear and bait crowd is supporting C&R for Wild Steelhead. And now we're looking for worldwide support.

On Monday we launched the new Media Pack, in which you can find many kind words about Sexyloops, and also some interesting Bios and childhood photos of all your favorite FP contributors.

Paul was off to Canada, but decided that another trip to Hungary sounds and looks better than spring snow squalls in the Rockies. Besides, his truck is still in Montana.

If you have not been following the adventures of Team Sexyloops in WA, then it's time to take a look. This is what it's all about, chasing giants into the saltfly sunset.

Like Paul and Magnus, I'm not big on the fishing competitions either, but I will confess that I actually entered and WON a tournament when I was a teenager. I won the title for "Most Fish" in a local fishing derby for kids. The winning catch was about a dozen juvenile bass (under 3 inches each) that I caught on a tiny Parachute Adams.

I'm chasing bass and carp until the summer steelhead show up in good numbers. It's good to log some hours in the float tube and clear the mind.

Cheers from Oregon, Matt

My winter fishing buddy, NoFish Tom, nabbed a couple grand in prizes this year. He fishes hard, knows the water, and fishes the lake well. A tourney day is no different for him other than he may get there a little earlier and lunch is a little shorter. He enjoys it when the game is square. I guess the word is sportmanship (which includes respect for the quarry as well fellows).

Maybe it's just the bad apples, but the Pyramid Lake tourneys don't seem to have a lot of that unfortunately, let alone other times when just getting sportsmen to be civil and follow the regs is a chore. Spice the cauldron with a little greed and one-upmanship, and it's a foul broth chummed with cat food where fish are passed around as the "smallest" are bumped off the stringers while rumors spread of fish strung and kept for days until turn in. Not once a season, once a month. The big event (which might not happen next year because someone isn't getting their cut of the money) is a 2 weekend derby. Hope you check in advance before you came out because the trailer rigs come in parking long ways to stake claim across the favored beaches. "C&R" fish, warmed, oxygen-depleted, and sloshing around in coolers, get to move to the front of the line. A once-a-month exodus to kill all the biggest fish in the lake... sporting.


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