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Ronan's report

Tuesday 10th April 2007

This week's topic is Music - not at first glance a fishy topic, but a good one none-the-less.

"Guys, do you ever light a big doobie, stand on the car roof, turn up Pink Floyd and cast over a cliff?"
"No, Paul"
"Me neither"

Of course I'm a bit of a musician; I play bad guitar, and sing a bit too, as a few people who have survived the experience will attest. Anyone who has seen Enlightenment - by the way if you haven't bought Enlightenment then you really are missing out - it's funny, if you know what I mean - so yes if you've seen Enlightenment you'll already have experienced my Bad Guitar which occured immediately after the flycasting combustion scene and slightly prior to Stuntman Ronan saving Ron the Sheep... how amazing was that by the way?

The song featuring in Enlightenment is of course "What's my fly?" sung to the chords of "What's my name?" by the Clash...
"I'm 'round the back of your backwater,
peeking through the bushes wearing camouflage,
I laugh at your waders in my polyprops,
And you can't even see me!"

The song in The Revolution is "Smells like Sexyloopers" which features Dead Caddis Dave on lead.
The song in the Instructor is "Problems" by the Sex Pistols - There's a theme developing here.

Hurricane Bob wants to know what music we should listen to on the way to fishing? Well, Bob, I'd recommend either Hard House techno or else Hard Rock. You need something upbeat early in the morning - I always find - something to go with the two bottles of V I down just before midday... how about "Paradise City" by Guns and Roses? So that's simple. It's the campfire sounds that get more complicated...

The Sexyloops Campfires tend to go through musical phases, depending on location, mood and company. The second half of this last season was definitely Pink Floyd. Many nights we'd listed to their captivating sounds, not least because Christian didn't like ANY of my other music. The first half of the season was Nirvana when Sture got to pick (he only had one CD which made that easy) or various Cafe del Mar/Ministry of Sound when I was DJ.

Montana for me is Big Calm by Morcheeba. When Tonio was over it was Prodigy. Last season NZ was Leftfield and Kosheen which Carla liked.

Whatever you do, don't accept Lars' musical recommendations. No one else on the planet has the same taste as Lars and that's because he's a Viking and tone deaf

Just back in the UK. Shagged. Will catch up on emails and the Board tomorrow. NZ Vortex soon!


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