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Ronan's report

Tuesday January 23rd, 2007

Paul decided the FP theme for this week is roadkill and how to avoid fenceposts. Don't chase the wildlife with your car - then neither is really a problem.

Paul seems to have an ongoing problem with domesticated ruminants - having forsaken sheep for goats - or is that just one special goat.

Perhaps it's a case of vegetarians finding one another.

Here in the UK the salmon season is getting underway - signs for the 2007 season are not good. On a stretch of the River Tay the start of the season was delayed due to high temperatures.

"We've got a lot of fish in the river due to mild water temperatures but they have not had the big nudge from Mother Nature yet to get about their business," John Monteith, head ghillie for the Newtyle section of the river, said of the salmon, which typically start breeding with the first hard frost of winter.

"For the past four or five years, about 60 percent of the fish caught on the opening day and subsequent weeks are fish that haven't spawned. It is clearly related to climate change and warmer water temperatures." (Originally posted at...)

Other rivers are reporting similar mild conditions.


PS The Scottish Gathering thread has been pinned over on the board - if you are coming please let us know.

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