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Ronan's report

Saturday January 5th, 2007

Well it's a damn good thing it's zonker week because I was a little confused about what a zonker actually was and didn't realize they're actually defined by the fur strip. I just thought they were big furry streamers with a wriggly tail and missed that they're spelled with a capital Z!. No offense to Dan Byford, the originator of the Zonker. Maybe I'll learn what a Nobbler or Bunny is next week.

This is going to make things odd because I was going to show you a zonker I fished as Fall came on, but it's a fake Zonker. An imposter and a synthetic zonker, a Furled Sonker I guess. I either used that or the best Zonker of all, the all-fur black Zonker, only the fur strip wrapped around the shank with just a wire rib.

I had most success with a sink tip, I'd sly up off the soft side of a current or below the head of a pool, dropping the fly above then stripping it back down out of the current into the lee. Shadows would steal out from the depths to knab it before it got to safety. With just enough weight for it to break the surface and the sink tip to draw it down, pausing made it hang and squirm perilously. A very sharp hook really helped turn a grab into a hook up.

Pic Of Day Furled Sonker

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