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Ronan's report

Saturday April 15th, 2006

And now, a word from our African correspondent, Gilgamesh

I'm the sole survivor of an IT department that used to be three strong. Meaning I have to try and do the work of three people for the same shit salary. So please excuse me for the fact that I couldn't even force myself to get everything ready on the Friday night prior to one of my last fishing trips for the summer. Make no mistake, I've listened and learned and, munchies aside, the whole operation of getting ready has been streamlined to a point where I can go fishing with 10 minutes prior warning.

But I didn't, I managed to get up and away by noon, definitely in a bit of a funk. The whole while, the words of another dude who I helped jumpstart his pick-up during a recent fishing trip were going through my head:
Fisherman that get to the water that time of day do not deserve to catch anything.

Wise men should know to turn off their headlights…

And I did catch fish…..

I was also well aware that the fishing would suck. It's late in a season where the weather was turned on its head. No complaints seeing as how this is the first year I can remember where you don't as a rule sweat more during a night's sleep than the average F1 driver during a race. That's the norm for the months of November though February for those that can't afford AC. It did however mean the bass spawn was delayed due to low water temperatures. When the conditions changed for the better, the dams got such massive inflow we were back to square one fishing wise.

I got to the dam, paid for entrance and tipped the security guard for bringing my change, only to find more people at the dam than I've ever seen! I'm not fussy, I just need a spot to park so I don't have to carry the kayak too far. I settled for halfway down an unused boat launch only to have a small boy come running gesturing that I must stop.

Why you ask yourself? It happens to be the best reason in the world! Namely I had to leave backcast room for his three buddies down by the water. They did not need much room because the leaders were barely out, but seeing three young flyfishers of tomorrow catching baby bass on woolly buggers did me a world of good.

(Continued in the pic of the day)


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